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Maths Skills Lessons

The Thursday Maths slot will be used to work on a variety of Maths skills: KIRFs, multiplications and arithmetic.  

Please see below for more information on these three areas.  

Arithmetic Tests

The children will be taking part in their usual arithmetic tests.  These will be completed one week and then the follwing week will be clearning up any misconceptions.

Multiplication Skills

The children will be working on their appropriate multiplications each week.  They will be covering these in a variety of ways and their will be an emphasis on practsing these at home to build confidence in class.


KIRFs are Key Instant Recall Facts and cover a variety of mathematical areas.

Each half term the children will be given a new target to cover and as the term progresses they should become more confident and fluent in that area of maths, to the point where they can quickly reccall an answer to questions based around that specific area.

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