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In September 2015 the Department for Education entrusted schools with developing their own way of assessing children in the primary phase. With this move the government phased out the standardised levels, which had been in place for many years, and gave the schools the power to design a system that worked for their pupils.

In the Heights Federation, after much discussion and research, we decided to use a 7 point scale, assessment system. This new system will allow progress to be tracked towards the new end of year expectations for each pupils across the primary phase.

We launched the new assessment system to staff in February 2015 and have been using it effectively since this point. Most children will complete the year having met the year group expectations and transition into the next year working on the the next year group expectations. When children enter the year they will be at a point zero, for example a pupil in Year 2 will enter the year as 2.0. From this point they will be formally and informally assessed throughout the year by staff in class. The staff will transfer this information onto the mark book for a child's year group which will result in a point score for a pupil from point 1 to point 7 according to how many of the subject and year group expectations a pupil has met. Explanation sheets will accompany reports to parents and there will be an opportunity to discuss these outcomes for pupils at parents evenings during Autumn and Spring Term. Formal written reports are sent out to parents at the end of Summer Term.

If you would like anymore information on the assessment system, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with Mr R Coates or Miss Amy Crowther.



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