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Happy New Year to all our children and families at Wilberlee School. We hope you have had a lovely Christmas break. The children have lots of activities planned as we start our new theme of Let's Rock!

The weather remains cold and wintery and children should dress in appropriate clothing for the colder weather on their return to school. Please provide children with a hat, scarf and gloves as well as a warm coat as we will still spend time outdoors whatever the weather.

PE uniform policy remains an updated document to meet new Health and Safety Guidelines. You should have received correspondence before the holidays outlining the changes. It is no longer considered appropriate for children to wear hooded jumpers and jackets for PE where there may be contact involved due to the threaded hoods which can be dangerous. If your child has a hooded jumper or jacket please could you change to a round or v-necked jumper.

In severe weather a judgement will be made by the headteacher about whether it is safe and practical to open school to the pupils. This decision will be made as early as possible so as to inform parents that school will be closed. The decision will be based on the conditions of the roads in and around school, the ability of parents and pupils to make the journey to school safely and the number of school staff that can safely make the journey to school. Please keep your details up to date so that we can contact you in a weather emergency.

If the school is closed due to severe weather:

*you will be informed by text message from the school as early as possible.

*It will be reported on our school website and the school council website www.kirklees.gov.uk/schoolclosures 

*closure information will be shared with the local radio and TV stations to add to their bulletins.

*you can check on weather and gritting updates at www.kirklees.gov.uk/winter or follow them at twitter.com/kirkleeswinter

It is also not to be assumed that if one of the federation schools is closed that Wilberlee will be. Each individual school will have an individual decision about closure depending on conditions around that particular school.

Please be reassured that the headteacher will only decide to close school in exceptional circumstances where the safety of the pupils is the primary concern. On occassion this may be due to the availability of teaching staff who have to travel some distance to reach school, rather than purely conditions for pupils getting to school.  

Our School

Wilberlee School is a Junior and Infant Community School.  It is a mixed school, which serves children from a wide catchment area in the age range 4+ to 11 years.  The recommended maximum pupil limit for the school is 77. In September 2014 the school will become part of the Federation of Clough Head and Wellhouse

The school has a long history and can trace its origins back to the National School that was built in 1785 to serve the needs of the village children.  This building still remains and can be seen opposite the Parish Church.

In 1845 Upper Slaithwaite Church Mission School was opened at Shred and continued until 1894 when a new Board School was opened at Wilberlee for 160 children.  At the time when the new school was built most of the children lived in small farm cottages on the surrounding hillsides and very few children came to the school from lower down the valley.  This changed when houses were built along Longlands Road.  Later the Longlands estate was erected.  Now most of the children arrive by the school bus which comes up the hill from Slaithwaite.  There are however, a few children who travel from the outlying districts of Scammonden, Pole Moor, Upper Holme, Merrydale and beyond to get to school.

The school building still retains many of the original Victorian features although internal changes have been made in recent years. In 1998 class 3 was extended to the rear of the school and this enabled a library and ICT area to be created upstairs. During the summer of 2000 another classroom was constructed above the existing infant classroom and these were extended further during 2003.  There is also a hall, staff room, office and a kitchen. The building is surrounded by playground and there is a pleasant school field to the rear, part of which has been developed as a forest area and beyond that is our new Field of Dreams.


A polite reminder to park at drop off times with consideration for other road users and the local residents. Please make use of the drop off zone and do not stop on the yellow zig zags. We greatly appreciate your help with this matter and help with ensuring every child manages to get in and leave school safely every day.

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