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Aw so cute!

Charlie Chimp our visiting Monkey went to Jasmine and RJ's house for the weekend. He had such a fantastic time helping to feed the baby Quail's Charlie asked if Jasmine could bring the baby Quail's into Class 1 for a visit.. Jasmine and her mum brought the gorgeous pair in for us to see.  The Quail's are being looked after in an incubator in their house because the mummy Quail pushed them out of the nest to soon. 

They were very inquisitive birds and ran around the tray chasing any insects and eating a spider they found. 

Thank you Jasmine and RJ for bringing such exciting visitors into Class 1


Sarah Morrell

Sarah Morrell came to visit us today and shared her new book ‘Molly's Magic Brolly’. She is an amazing story teller and we loved her story voice. Sarah was very funny and brought in lots of props for her story. We loved helping to tell the story with our added sound effects and actions.

Sarah spent along time chatting about our ideas and stories she could turn them into.. We hope Sarah will come back soon and share her new stories with us. 

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