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Zoo Lab

Class One enjoyed Zoo lab.

They saw a tarantula, a snake, a giant millipede, a climbing tree frog, a giant snail and a rat.  The animal handler talked to them about the animals and how different characteristics of each creature make great features for a dinosaur such as the claws they noticed on the reptiles helped them hunt and eat their prey, just like a dinosaur.  They had the opportunity to examine each animal closely and hold them if they wished.


A mystery winter visitor

During our Winter topic Class One had a visit from Mrs Hall with her ski clothes and equipment. Mrs Hall told us all about skiing and what is needed to keep you safe and warm on the slopes. The children asked some great questions and enjoyed handling the equipment. 



Class One went on a trip in the library in Slaithwaite. We met the librarian and we learnt about how the library works and about borrowing books. The children looked at both fiction and non-fiction books. They listened to a story called “Argh… Spiders” and found out facts about spiders in a non – fiction book.

We did a letter hunt around the library and found out the mystery word. The children then completed a craft activity and made  a spider in his web.


Sarah Morrell

Sarah Morrell came to visit us today and shared her book ‘The King and the Cockerel’. She is an amazing story teller and we loved her story voice. Sarah was very funny and brought in lots of props for her story and had us all adding sound effects and actions.

Sarah is writing other books too, and we can’t wait as she says she will come and share her new book with us too.

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