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Smart Day

We have been thinking about the ways in which we are 'smart' and the skills and abilities we have. We believe that all our children are intelligent in different ways. We thought about the ways in which we could be intelligent and spend the day working on this area of skill and interest. Have a look at some of the things we did.

Body Smart

Our body smart children worked with Miss Pryke thinking about their skills in construction and spatial awareness. They built structures in mixed pairs using sweets and sticks. They then put the structures into jelly to check whether they would withstand an earthquake! What a great experiment.  

Word Smart

Our word smart group had a great time working with Mrs Clarke working on a range of activities based on the Dr Seuss set of books. They used dictionaries to make their own nonesense words and definitions.


Maths Smart

Our maths smart group worked with Mr Barlow where they focused on area and perimeter and thought about their ideal playground. Once they had planned their perfect play space they built a model of it and then worked out the cost of all the items in their playground finding the total and checking it aginst their set budget.

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