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Star of the Week

Molly has had a fantastic start back after Christmas.  Had we had Star of the Week last week, then Molly would have got it hands down.  This worried me at first as I didn’t want Molly to miss out on being rewarded for her achievements, but Molly being Molly, she came back even stronger this week.

Molly has wowed the members of Class 2 with how she’s tackled her work.  From the minute she’s in class, Molly has her head down and is working.  She goes from one activity to the next and never needs reminding that a classroom is where we work.

Molly has shown a great knowledge of the features of letters and she has proven that she can tackle mixed-division problems in Maths.  She has shown a good memory when it comes to our topic – Grace Darling – where she has been gathering information and creating a poster.

Well done Molly.  You have really shone.

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