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Class 2 Newsletter


Autumn 1 Newsletter

Literacy and Topic

These are now linked topics, giving the children a greater opportunity to apply what has been taught in a wider range of ways.

The key question for Class 2 this term is: What does it mean to be royal?

The children will use this question to research the royal family and to construct a biography on Queen Elizabeth II.  The linked text to this is Tony Robinson’s Kings and Queens. Later in the term, they will also be using The Tough Princess to create their own newspaper reports.



The focus in Mathis this half term will be on number and the four operations.

*Multiplications will be practised daily.

Year group National Curriculum expectations:

Y2: 2x, 5x, 10x and 3x

Y3: 4x, 8x, 50x and 100 x


This is a daily practise and will start with the basics of pencil skills and will continue to build slowly over the year.


Our focus will be on animals and will cover:

  • Lifecycle
  • Basic needs for survival
  • Healthy diet, exercise, nutrition and hygiene
  • The skeletal frame and muscles as support, protection and movement


P.E. will be lead on a Tuesday through a professional external agency. 

Lessons may take place inside or outside.  Please send a long sleeved top and long trousers for the children, alongside their usual t-shirt and skirt/shorts.


This is a daily practise and will give the children the skills required to:

  • Control letter size and shape
  • Keep letters on the line
  • Understand and add joins required for cursive writing
  • Use joins required for cursive writing


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