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Where Do Dragons Come From?



Spring 1: Where Do Dragons Come From?

Literacy: This half term the Literacy question will be: Where does the dragon come from?

We will begin the term by researching myths to see what features they have.  We will then use a local text  The Dragon of Castle Hill to create our own myths that use Wilberlee School as their basis.  We will research the features of myths, listen to a variety of myths and then plan and write out our own, with ourselves as the heroes/heroines.  


VIPERS: This is a new session for Class 2.  VIPERS focusses on honing the children’s comprehension skills through a series of resources and questions.

Please read more on this subject here: https://www.literacyshedblog.com/blog/reading-vipers

Guided Reading: Alongside VIPERS, we shall also have daily guided Reading sessions.  These will run alongside our daily handwriting sessions and so we will rotate between year groups each week.


Maths: We will start this half term by extending our understanding of multiplication and division.  We will be building up our fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills during the lessons.

This half term will also see us start some Maths Skills sessions.  These will take place before our Maths lessons and will cover a range of topics.


Science: The focus for Science will be: Plants.  The topic will look into the different parts of plants and will also cover how plants grow and what they need to do so. 


History: We are researching the Shang Dynasty to see what kind of early empire it was.  We will discuss what made it so important and the various elements that made it so interesting and powerul. 


Geography: We will be focussing on world maps and using these to discover the different countries and continents of our world.  We will use dragons as a means of getting around our world. 


PSHE: Our focus this half term will be on Health and Wellbeing.  We will be discussing and taking part in activities that focus on physical and mental health and how we can maintain positivity.  


PE: We are using Chinese New Year as a focus for Dance this half term.  The children will be creating their own dances based on the dragon/lion dances performed at various festival and parades.


Art/ D & T: To link with our topic, we will be creating our own 'moving' dragons our own terracotta army.  These will be on display in our school and will feature on our website.



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