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Who was Rosa Parks



Autumn 2: Who was Rosa Parks?

Literacy: This half term the focus question will be: Who was Rosa Parks?

We will be using Rosa Parks as our focus for Literacy, History and Geography.  The learning will cover Letter writing, comparing part of the Uk (Yorkshire) to that of America (Alabama), and the life and times of Rosa Parks.

VIPERS: This is a new session for Class 2.  VIPERS focusses on honing the children’s comprehension skills through a series of resources and questions.

Please read more on this subject here: https://www.literacyshedblog.com/blog/reading-vipers


Maths: We shall be moving further through the four operations this half term.  We shall use fluency, problem solving and reasoning to demonstrate our understanding of subtraction, multiplication and division.  


Science: The focus for Science will be: Forces and Magnets.  We will be finding out all about these in a hands-on way.


ICT: The key focus this half term will be on word processing skills.  We shall be finding out how to take screenshots, change font, manipulate text and how to use shortcuts and other features.


PE: This will be run every Tuesday and the children should have appropriate kit in school to take part in these lessons.  


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