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At Wilberlee we often have visitors at school or we ourselves visit other places.

Animal Intuition


Federation Class One Wet and Wild Outdoor Day

Outdoor story workshops were a huge hit at our wet and wild day.We found the Gruffalo in our woodland today as Alan took us on an amazing story telling adventure. We got to use our skills to make story characters, picture frames and transient art from natural materials. We became scientists exploring pond water for tadpoles, snails and other creatures. Hunting for bugs in the sticky slime was very exciting. Having a picnic on the field with all our federation friends in the sunshine was lovely.


Federation Class One Space Day

All the federation Class Ones came together at Wilberlee for a super space day. We painted planets, built rockets and spaceships, created alien sock puppets, rode moon buggies, dodged asteroids, went on space word hunts, made playdough space models, had a space picnic and enjoyed super space stories, whilst we made new friends.

Federation Class One Road Safety Day

road safety day 029 - Copy

Our Visit To The Fire Station

Class One went to visit Slaithwaite fire station as part of our topic. We were very lucky as a police van was visiting at the same time so we got to see a police woman and firemen with their vehicles.

Our Policeman visit

Sergeant Knight came to visit Class One. He showed us all his equipment and even took our fingerprints and footprints.

Our Visit To Slaithwaite Library

As part of our topic 'Who do you think you are' we visited the librarian at Slaithwaite Library. We got library cards and borrowed books. We did a word hunt and made a spider from the story we had.