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When Class 1 went to Eureka...

Wow! What a fantastic time we had at Eureka today! We started our trip by travelling on a double decker coach to the museum. We loved seeing all the different sights as we travelled there; we were very high up! When we got there, we started the day in the ‘All about me’ gallery. We learnt lots of new things about our body and all the important jobs it has to help us grow and be healthy! After, we went downstairs to explore the rest of the museum. We went to the bank and used a real cash machine to collect our own money, we went to the post office to sort different packages, we went to M&S to do our shopping and used the till and scanners to role play with our friends. There was just so much to do! After lots of time exploring and playing, we went on a real train to eat our lunch. We loved sitting at the train tables with our friends and talking about what we had seen and learnt. We finished our day by spending some time in the outdoor play area with our friends – letting off some steam! We had such an amazing day and our behavior was outstanding. We made our teachers feel very proud! What a super trip!

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