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Chinese New Year...it's the Year of the Dog!

Chinese New Year is always a very exciting time of year, with lots of different traditions to participate in. Class One loved creating their own dragon dance to chase away evil spirits, making lucky money wallets as well as cooking and tasting a Honey and Ginger stir fry.

To make the stir fry we all worked as a fantastic team cutting and preparing the vegetables. We worked in pairs with one partner using the bridge method to cut the vegetables whilst our safety partner kept a close eye on our technique and warned us if they thought we were too close to our fingers. Once the ingredients were prepared we fried them together with grated ginger until they were al den ta before adding the sweet delicious honey. It tasted amazing!


The Chinese New Year

As part of learning about others traditions and festivals, we studied the Chinese New Year. The children learnt all about the celebrations the Chinese take part in.

The Journey of a Letter

We made our own cards to send to someone in our families. The children also have been learning their home addresses so we posted the cards home.

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